Water Writes: Oakland

Oakland, California – Broadway @ 21st Street in Downtown a collaboration with local youth programs that create urban arts and urban gardens. The mural portrays everyday ways that young people in Oakland are choosing healthy alternatives and decisions that protect and conserve water.

Artist Team:
Estria Miyashiro
Vogue TDK
Cece Carpio
Robert Trujillo
Josue Rojas
Mike Bam
Miguel Bounce Perez
Vanessa Espinosa
Leslie Lopez

Community Partner:
Youth Together

The theme of water connects communities and documents current local and international water crises.

The Estria Foundation engages youth, artists, cultural organizers, and environmental activists to create imagery that reflects the relationship between the people and the water of each location that we complete murals. Community members are invited to a public paint day and able to participate in bringing these ideas into reality. The final murals are accessible to view by the public and also to communities across the world through video documentation and the Internet. We hope to spark discussions and cross collaboration between the participating cities and water warriors across the world.

Through painting with some of the communities most affected by water rights issues, the Estria Foundation shares its artistic techniques to assist ongoing grassroots struggles, create a global platform to raise awareness, and inspire a movement.