Our Survival Depends on Being Creative

Our Survival Depends on Being Creative

UC Berkeley Multicultural Community Center  Mural,  written by Alex Tan & elisa diana huerta

shifting the emphasis away from stories of oppression, and onto stories of possibilities, both theoretically and practically. –Lekkie Hopkins

­As participants in the visioning, creation and day-to-day workings of the Multicultural Community Center, we have been thinking a lot about what it means to celebrate and center our own stories, to create our own spaces and to recognize and be inspired by the seeds planted by the third world Liberation front, from 1969 to the present.

Importantly, the call for the MCC in 1999 coincided with a call for a mural and an expansion of Ethnic Studies, rendering visible the interconnected need for spaces that foster artistic expression, community gathering and intellectual knowledge production.   As we grow and shift as a Community Center, our story remains one of survival, rootedness, resilience and creativity.

We have excelled in moving forward in honest and resourceful ways, and in doing so we continually create and maintain spaces for knowledge that challenges dominant discourses of individualism and isolation in the University. We create an alternative narrative of what is necessary and needed on this University and create a solid network of support. We nurture a type of thinking and an alternative curriculum centered around community, healing, creation and collective movement.

We seek to celebrate our connections, our growth and all of the possibilities yet to be imagined. We seek to celebrate the creativity that grounds our beings and our work.